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       Puyang sinopec group co., LTD belongs to the zhongyuan oilfield type specification restructured enterprises, it is a high and new technology enterprise in henan province and science and technology enterprises. The group is given priority to with oil machinery and equipment manufacturing, engaged in domestic and foreign trade integrated enterprise. Main products are: oil drilling equipment, drilling equipment, electrical equipment, pressure vessel manufacturing, environmental protection equipment, oil and gas desulfurization equipment and steel structure and camps production and processing and so on more than 10 categories of 100. Group has passed ISO9001 international quality system certification, pumping unit, pump and oil recovery wellhead petroleum machinery products has passed the certification of the API. 15 won the national patent product, it is A aa grade credit enterprise of industrial and commercial bank of China and sinopec material resources market member enterprises.

       Puyang sinopec group co., LTD. Is a high-tech enterprise registered in national high-tech development zone. The company sets drilling machinery, mining transport, solids control equipment and pressure vessel design, production, manufacturing as one of professional companies. Air cannons (broken arch dredging equipment) is developed by our company can dredge bunker blockage, pipes get clogged, dredging equipment. Its widely used in thermal power plant, coal mine underground coal bunker, coal washery, cement factory, concrete plant, foundry, chemical fertilizer plant, coking plant, gas plant, chemical plant, aluminium plant, alkali factory, steel works, mine, dock, foodstuff, grain, feed mills, boilers, pharmaceutical, and other important shipping bulk materials. Since the market, highly favored users. The drilling fluid circulating tank system, drilling fluid shale shaker series and all kinds of screen mesh, pressure vessel, elevated diesel tank, tank, air cannons, water jacket furnace, gas, oil and gas water separator, oil tank, composite foundation, camps for my company's main products. Up to now, our company designs and manufactures the ZJ40J, ZJ50D, ZJ70D, ZJ32, ZJ20B7 five models of drilling solid control system. The system from the original single process to advanced the whole process, with advanced five purification system. The solids control product double excitation double drilling fluid shale shaker won national exposition gold medal, five national patents, is one of the largest specializing in the production of zhongyuan oilfield drilling fluid shale shaker products supplier.

       The company's advanced production technology, well-equipped, strong technical force, detection means complete.
Production methods: air gun automation production lines, CNC lathe, CNC milling machine, big radial drilling machine, vacuum sintering furnace, 160 tons of hydraulic machine, punching machine, large CNC head large shearing machine, bending machine, cutting equipment, all kinds of automatic welding center, can realize the welding and cutting of various kinds of molding, plate.

       Testing equipment: computer testing system, multi-function signal analysis system, dynamic strain gauge, charge amplifier, programmable static strain gauge, precision sound level meter, ultrasonic flaw detector, tensile testing machine, impact testing machine, etc.
       Information quality: has passed ISO9001 quality system certification.

       Earnings: the company products are widely used in domestic oil, steel, coal, chemical, thermal power, cement, machinery and other        industries, involving domestic north, northeast, southwest, northwest and Inner Mongolia, xinjiang, and other regions and provinces, and sold to kazakhstan, Russia, Colombia, Egypt, Sudan, yemen, Qatar, Vietnam and other countries.

       After-sales service: sinopec group adhere to the innovative service policy, to provide you with a lifetime products technical service, thoroughly remove the trouble back at home of users. \"With experts, dedicated heart, innovation promotion air cannons, pressure container products, drilling machinery, solids control equipment and professional technology\", sinopec group, and every man will continuously enterprising, unceasingly in the conquest of the self, create a full industry more brilliant tomorrow!

       Company is willing to first-class products, first-class service and reasonable price and sincerely cooperate with friends both at home and abroad, a total of seeking development.

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