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Purification device prizing type oilfield sewage sludge treatment plant
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(1) automatic feed: the use of special design of bucket sludge up function satisfying the liquid, solid and semi-solid oily sludge conveying of the sludge, and to contain the oil sludge from sewage sludge pool directly sent to the mobile pretreatment skiing, meet the continuous feed. And bucket elevator stuck between material inlet is equipped with the primary hybrid mesh slot, can prevent the ribbon, sticks and other large pieces of debris into the processing system.

(2) preprocessing: oily sludge in the pretreatment of skiing inlet through sludge separation for the combined action of wheel and sieve plate chunk of coalescence of sludge by sludge separation the rotation of the wheel is scattered, more than 20 mm in sludge granules are sorting collection box big materials on one side of the wheel forward pretreatment device, less than 20 mm of sludge by sludge separation sieve plate mesh into sludge pretreatment tank. Through the combination of oily sludge separation wheel and sieve plate, implementation of oily sludge debris removal, crushing, uniform dispersion fiber, oil slurry storage and transportation.

(3) cleaning: in oily sludge level of the secondary level 3 complete cleaning. By agent, ultrasonic, air flotation, mixing the action such as oily sludge fluidized, clean and free of oil removal.

(4) solid-liquid separation: centrifuge solid liquid two phase separation method was adopted to realize the separation of solid and liquid sludge.

(5) oil water treatment: by triple cleaning device for collection of oil to oil tank, oil tank in the precipitation of water can be lost to the pitcher. Through a centrifuge or filter press the separated liquid into the water tank, water tank of the oil slick can be collect input tank, hot water can be used as a back into the water for reuse.

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