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Drilling waste harmless handling cases - KeKeYa gas field in xinjiang
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       The construction site of the project: xinjiang ye KeKeYa gas field Construction technology, waste drilling mud with multistage screw conveyor to first prize: knife cuttings dryer pry drilling cuttings dryer, and add water to the corresponding concentration at the same time, access to the drilling cuttings dryer for preliminary separation, and drilling cuttings dryer separated solid phase (stones and other hard solid block) through screw conveyor, the direct discharge of liquid through the gravel pump into the second prize: grit coarse points receiving skiing grit chamber and grit ChiCheng inclined vertebral body shape, the upper with filters, two alternating grit chamber work, make the water overflow adequately, dry sand through the spiral conveyor outside, liquid into the sewage pool, the bullishness of floating effect plant's crude oil rise and dumped by receiving, into the oil tank.
      Sewage pool bottom mixture into a third prize: the ultimate oil recovery conditioning pry, pried into the ultimate oil recovery conditioning of liquid phase under the effect of inclined plate separation and air flotation under homogeneous mixture, according to the actual circumstances of the mixture of dosing (demulsifier and oxidant) processing, after about 20 minutes after air flotation effect is automatic control (time), the dirty oil in the liquid is sufficient precipitation, the pump into oil tank. This mixture by pump into the fourth prize: vacuum drum belt pry vacuum drum filter belt filter press and centrifuge separation, solid phase outside, liquid has three loop:
      First, into the rig drilling mud system, which is the main place for mud, upon examination, mud and metamorphism, the failure can be reused.
Second, going to the drilling mud treatment system while drilling cuttings dryer, the reuse of sludge treatment system.
      Third, to enter the fifth prize: depth of water lever, after water treatment system for fine separation. Confirmation from vacuum drum filter the separated liquid have deteriorated and cannot be used for drilling rig system and sludge treatment system, only the separation into the water treatment system in depth. Isolated from water treatment systems, storage tanks of oil input, solid phase back vacuum drum filter band secondary filter.
      Water has two circuits: a circuit to drilling cuttings dryer, used to dilute waste drilling mud and cuttings cleaning, to ensure the standard solid phase isolated from the dryer. Waste drilling mud treated with this device, not only make the drilling fluid was taken away by drilling got fully recycling, save a large part of the resources, and after the processing of solid objects meet the regulations of the state, the level of discharge standards, a small amount of waste liquid get effective governance, COD in waste water, the DOD and other indicators have reached the effluent standards stipulated by the state.

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