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Special vibrating screen waste mud treatment
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Main features:

1, double excitation is double deck vibrating screen, vibration system adopt high quality long pole flameproof vibration motor, compact structure, easy installation, stable running and long service life;

2, high G vibration, vibration, movement speed, screen permeability good, treatment of waste mud solid-liquid separation effect is significantly higher than normal vibrating screen, solid moisture content decreased significantly;

3, free operating manual of the screen box Angle control system, improve the separation efficiency, prolong solid-phase stranded on the surface of the screen;

4, using high-performance rubber isolation device, floating suspension support structure, realize the nonlinear characteristic of the ideal, more stable vibration, effectively reduce the vibration noise.

5, the whole machine fasteners are all made of high-quality stainless steel materials through precision machining, special parts adopt high strength materials, parts and components of the key parts are the quenched and tempered coating and surface treatment.

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