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Composite foundation
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     Company newly developed drilling equipment of steel and wood base, is a new kind of drilling equipment installed base of substitute products, suitable for 3200-7000 m drilling rig is used, and as the major national oil field equipment to drill gong abroad. This product use high-quality timber, after the special craft processing and become, has high structural strength, strong carrying capacity, light weight, good vibration damping, oil resistant, corrosion resistant.

1, using range and instructions "general clay, sand mass foundation, can be used bulldozers, use after compaction.

2, for desert, quicksand bulldozed to surface.

3, for the swamps, insist on soil, cement, tested foundation bearing pressure is greater than 0.06 MPA rear can use.

     Our company can provide users with a drilling equipment installation foundation plan and relevant requirements for the design and manufacture, and provide on-site installation services.


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