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Drilling waste centralized disposal
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Construction site: DaWanJi oilfield in xinjiang
Focus on project: comprehensive collection multi-port Wells for centralized disposal of waste
1. This set of equipment can realize water base mud disposal.
2, using vacuum drum filter can achieve continuity for solid-liquid separation purification, large quantity.
3, the drilling cuttings dryer processing can achieve the purpose of source reduction, for the gel breaking coagulation treatment in the late laid a good foundation, but also increased the capacity of this set of equipment, increase the service life of the follow-up equipment.
4, use air conditioning treatment floating and blender mixing processing, and on the outside of agitator with broken drum, fully achieve good emulsification and flocculation effect, reducing material in the drilling cuttings dryer, under the action of broken tube broken, in the conditioning tank sufficient emulsification, drum vacuum belt filter press in complete separation.
5, and as a result of a bipolar solid-liquid separation process, the system of the depth of the solid phase can be achieved effectively purify and recycle liquid more thoroughly.
6, this set of equipment and solutions for more advanced systems, and covers an area of the smallest, structure of the simplest and most suitable for mud recycling equipment

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